Work Smart Platforms

Finally, no roofing project is complete without the use of safe scaffolding to ensure all trades are safe on site. Ignoring safety at heights in construction can lead to serious penalties, debilitating injuries or worse.

Worksmart Plaforms provide a safe, strong and secure work base, not only addressing the prevention of risks associated with working at height in residential construction, but also contributing to a better bottom line for its users, says SSS Roof Scaffold.

Designed specifically to work on sloping roofs, the lightweight and durable Worksmart Platform helps place tradesmen safely where they need to work. Time is also saved and quality of build/installation is improved. The platform incorporates fast, simple fixing to help you get on with the job, as well as being cost‐effective without cutting corners or compromising safety. The Worksmart Platform’s accessories are innovative, adaptable and interchangeable, providing perimeter protectoon, and void protection for stairways and open spaces.

February 18, 2015
  • International Exhibition of Inventions
  • Gold Medal
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Just one of the many awards and commendations the WorkSmart Platforms roof scaffold systems have won.
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